Katie Bird is an Equine Sports Therapist that specialises in Equine Sports Massage, Myopractic Techniques and Physical Therapy for all types of horses and ponies.  

Katie has had extensive international experience. 

Her passion for correct movement, flow and biomechanics began whilst working part time during her youth at the Andalusian Stud in England training classical dressage. She then groomed for multiple dressage and eventing yards, whilst completing her British Horse Society and Assistant Instructor exams, both giving her a solid foundation.

Katie then went on to study equine nutrition, (some more info here) while working for Allen & Page Horse Feeds UK and Carr Day & Martin.

In 2008 Katie qualified as a Massage Therapist for humans with Distinction. For the next couple of years she treated and did various courses in biomechanics, sports massage/ science, correct posture and use of body and then finally rehabilitation. Katie also gained that next level intuition experience, where her senses were heightened, compassion offered in a much more holistic approach; working with terminal cancer patients and women that had been abused.

Following this Katie spent the next 2 years traveling Central & South America learning various massage practices and techniques.

In 2011 Katie moved to Coromandel, New Zealand and was one of the main massage practitioners at Mana Retreat. It wasn’t  just ‘normal’ massage as the retreats focused on various different issues and creating healing within the space. Throughout Katies time as Mana she was also treating her own horses, that were off the track thoroughbreds and required a lot of rehabilitation work. Katie completed many ‘short courses’ on basic equine massage, reiki, craniosacral therapy etc .

Through her vast experience Katie feels she offers a holistic, intuitive, energetic healing treatment, that supplements her sports performance offering. 

In 2016 Katie gained her Level 5 Equine Sports Massage & Rehabilitation Diploma  with Distinction, Institute of Complementary Animal Therapies. Due to all her extensive human training and knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology was asked to to assist in the teaching of the same diploma in New Zealand for several years.

Katie started working with a small racing yard in 2016 and rehabbed many of their horses. Due to this experience Katie started treating various other horses that had different cases from injuries to improving performance.

Katie is constantly investing in her Professional Development, in the search for more knowledge, additional qualifications & treatments to add to her offering

Katie is now based at Astek Stud, Taupo. She is a keen event rider and has a young team of homebred horses at all stages. She is involved in all aspects of the stud alongside her partner Sophie Wilkinson, from social media/website, mare scanning, stallion collection, foaling down, youngstock handling, breaking in, stallion ridden work, competitions and the list goes on!

Katie has became more and more interested in biomechanics, wounds and healing them. She has has experience from hideous wire fence injuries, through to fractures/ muscle tears etc. See wound examples here.

Katie now needs to head off to the UK to take her final exams to gain her qualifications in ICAT Myopractic Practitioner Programme (level 6 -degree) and Muscular manipulation  based on Mctimoney practice & Canine Remedial Massage & Rehabilitation Diploma (Level 5).

TIMELINE of work & qualifications













Part-time work at Andalusian Stud, trained in classical dressage

Groomed at Dressage & Eventing yards. BHS stages & Assistant Instructor exam.

Worked for Allen & Page Horse Feeds UK – Studied nutrition 

Worked for Carr Day & Martin/ Day Son & Hewitt – More supplement side nutrition 

Level 5 Practitioner Diploma in Holistic Massage Therapy with Distinction
Bristol College of Massage & Bodywork & Massage Training Institute

Travelled Central & South America, learning various massage practices and techniques

Moved to Coromandel, New Zealand, worked as a massage therapist at Mana Retreat

Level 5 Equine Sports Massage & Rehabilitation Diploma with Distinction
Institute of Complementary Animal Therapies 
Helped teach the above diploma in NZ 2017-2020
Racing yard rehabilitation work

Level 6 ICAT Myopractic Practitioner Programme – degree
Level 5 ICAT Muscular manipulation  based on Mctimoney practice & Canine Remedial Massage & Rehabilitation Diploma – need to go to UK for final exams

Quad X certificate
Level 5  diploma equine rehabilitation

PPT FEI approved