Katie proudly sponsors Brea Walker an exciting young event rider, and dressage duo Debbie & Peter Barke.
She also supports local events where possible.

I can’t thank Katie enough for the work she been doing with Spider. it was evident after just one visit that she was going to play a massive part in this horses training! He is so much more supple and really starting to use his body correctly because he now can. He is a huge horse that was coming back in from spelling when he first went to Katie and was quite weak and stuck through his body. Katie and I have worked together to plan his training and management to ensure we can get the best out of him and this is shining through especially now he has started getting out competing.

My goal is always to get the best out of every horse I train and this would be not possible without Katie’s input and help!

I know one thing for sure and that is that Spider wouldn’t have progressed as quickly or as well as he has without Katie, and with her continued support the future is certainly looking exciting!

Brea Walker

before & after examples